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Listen to Us
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Released in 1998

A highly disturbing and compelling history of Black people’s experiences in the British mental health system. An important contribution to the understanding of institutional racism.

Originally envisaged as a training film for mental health professionals, it is divided into sections, how the interviewees came into contact with the mental health system, how they were committed, the drugs regime and its effects on them, how they left and aftercare received, and what they are doing now.

The interviews are interspersed with simple dramatic reconstructions performed by former members of the Black Mime Company.

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  • Producer
  • Edited by
    Mark Saunders/
  • Directed by
    Kevin Sheridan/ Joy Francis/
  • Production Company
  • Funded by
    Frantz Fanon Foundation/
  • Distributed by
  • Cast
    Black Mime Company/
  • Camera Operator
    Mark Saunders/