XL Place Flagey
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XL Place Flagey
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Released in 2007

This is the first video produced by the XL Video Group, a group of local residents formed in a Spectacle/PTTL video workshop in 2006. This video is about the changes in Place Flagey, Brussels’ largest square and the surrounding area.


Place Flagey is being transformed, against the wishes of the majority of the residents, from a large open public space into a subterranean storm-basin with a car-park on top.

The aim of this video is to stimulate debate among the residents about the future of the square and the effects of gentrification.


Please get in touch using our contact form if you would like to screen this film publicly.

  • Producer
    Spectacle/ PTTL/
  • Co-producer
    L'assemble des voisins et des voisines/