LONDON - DELHI 2010-2012

Project Brief

LONDON – DELHI 2010 – 2012

Creative Stories: London
London Workshops (Oct 2009 - Jan 15th 2010) 6-8 sessions
Total: 40 – 32
Groups: 4 (8-10 each)
Age: 16-18

Project Outline:
Creative Stories: London is a digital media project incorporating creative photography, video, animation and sound. It brings young people together to work in groups and to take the lead in developing, fresh contemporary stories which reflect and promote the reality, vibrancy, diversity and cultures of London. The creative stories will draw on particular perspectives and transformations of the city as it prepares to host London Games in 2012.

In doing so, the stories will go beyond the picture-postcard image and explore the structural changes which are starting to happen, and the social worlds which are affected by these changes, and the impact on their ways of accessing and inhabiting their city and their local communities.


The young people will use digital media to present these stories, creating images, video, and animation to communicate their thoughts and perspectives on changes taking place.
The work later will be presented in a month -long exhibition at Watermans Gallery, which will also be designed and curated by the young people taking part in this project.

Hands on learning options: story development, filming, sound recording, photography, editing, animation, curation.

General skill development:  Creative skills, enabling young people to think in different ways, experiment and innovate, team-working, discipline, confidence in their views and involvement in community issues. Develop confidence, self-esteem and communication skills.


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