Waffle Bank with Refugee Youth


Waffle Bank Investment Bank is a skill exchange programme using Belgian waffles as currency.  The process encourages participants to consider what  skills they bring to the table and find ways to connect and share these.


Refugee Youth is a London based organisation for young people from around the world to create a supportive learning network.

"Food, Fun & Friendship!  Refugee Youth is dedicated to breaking down isolation and combating alienation and despair amongst young refugees in London by supporting opportunities for their development.  We do so by creating a community where we can support each other and learn together.

Learn & take action!    We aim to create an environment of friendship and belonging where young refugees can get strength and power, collectively and as individuals, through creative learning.  We take action to bring about change then reflect on our experiences to learn and develop what we do, as we believe that only in such a way can sustainable processes of change and empowerment be made, in a fluid way that changes and grows with all of us."

All the interview clips are also being uploaded to Micronomics Active Archive as part of Spectacle's participatory editing process


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