Video Editing

This training course is now available online. Please visit our online courses page for more details.

Our Video Editing Workshops offer the opportunity to quickly and affordably acquire comprehensive post-production skills in a small group setting. We teach primarily on Adobe Premiere Pro.

We can also arrange one-to-one training - suitable for individuals, pairs or threes - and schedule bespoke courses for groups of four or more. One-to-one and bespoke group training can be tailored to meet your requirements - that means we will teach on editing software of your choice, and we can work on your actual video project.

We cover both how to use the editing software - from importing, marking, logging and editing, to adding soundtracks and effects - and workflow techniques: essentially, showing you an easy and stress-free way to turn your many hours of unorganised footage into a well-structured final documentary film, short video, or promotional clip. 

Like our Video Production Weekend course, our editing training is popular with aspiring documentary filmmakers, 'self-shooter' journalists who want to expand their skill set, marketers who want to make and edit their own promotional videos, and hobbyists who want to produce better results. We particularly recommend the course to individuals who have completed one of our video production courses and want to add editing skills to their repertoire.

Professional filmmaker and teacher Mark Saunders leads all editing sessions himself. 

Each participant will have sole or pair use of a computer, giving everyone extensive hands-on experience.

The online version of this course is split into modules. Please visit the Video Editing online course for details.

What have past participants said about us?

“It was a small group so things were easily explained if not understood, and the direction could be catered towards our needs” - Sarah

“I had no previous knowledge of the software, so I would have been completely scared of trying things on it — the course felt just right to begin this exploration and the information on codec and export was particularly helpful” - Sophia

“It provides a lot of information quickly and in an understandable format. More helpful and human than the internet.” - Camilla

"[Learning a] structure for editing was extremely useful as this had been a barrier to progressing my own project — I’d only received technical training on the software previously" - Jo


Video Editing Workshops are suitable for complete beginners and people with basic skills, from any background.

One-to-one training and Bespoke courses can be arranged to suit participants at any experience level.


3 to 8 participants in each workshop.

One-to-one tuition - is available for 1 to 3 people.

Bespoke group courses can be arranged for 4 to 20 participants.


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Our face to face courses will be rescheduled as soon as the pandemic lockdown allows, our online courses will continue.

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