Video Marketing Course

This training course is now available online. Please visit our online courses page for more details.

This course is specifically designed to meet the needs of sole traders, SMEs, startups, social enterprises, charities, as well as freelance marketing consultants and comms departments who are thinking to bring video production in-house or want to create their own video content. There is an ever-increasing demand for high-quality online video to get your message across and to reach audiences. Video can transform your website, it is accessible, engaging and often more convincing than text. In three days, you will learn how to develop your online reach by creating promotional video content, pitch videos, explanatory videos to boost your business and brand.

Training existing staff to produce high-quality digital video content for your website is far more cost-effective than hiring an external film crew and can lead to better results: we believe that existing staff often have the potential to advertise, demonstrate and spread the word about products and services that they thoroughly understand more effectively than outsiders.

Our Video Marketing course is the most efficient way to cover production and editing and offers targeted advice on using digital video to advertise, fundraise and campaign. You will be introduced to strategies and workflows for successfully and efficiently bringing video production in-house and loads of low/no budget and cost saving tips. You will also get equipment buying advice and a chance to try out different types of cameras, finding out what equipment you really need to buying and what can be rented.

We aim to provide all participants with a solid foundation of practical knowledge: a working understanding of digital cameras, sound recording, interview techniques, filming on location and industry language. The course is hands-on from the start of day one and each attendee will in turn use camcorders, DSLRs, professional gun mics, direct crews, interview each other and will be provided with editing facilities.

We strive to instil participants with the transferrable skills and confidence to use a wide range of equipment and focus on the 'future-proof' principles of video production, which remain constant despite changes in technology and formats. We can also arrange tailored one-to-one training - suitable for individuals, pairs or threes - and schedule bespoke courses for groups of four or more.

Professional filmmaker and teacher Mark Saunders leads all sessions himself.

What you will learn:


Shooting techniques and equipment

What cameras to use and how to get the best from what you have

How to shoot interviews, locations and activities

Shooting to edit

How to plan, storyboard, script etc

Sound, using mics, etc

Basic lighting


Transferring video files from the camera to the computer

How to edit using Adobe Premiere

Captions, titles and thumbnails

How to compress a file

How to upload video files to your website and social media

How to get your videos seen

Codecs, formats and aspect ratios etc demystified

The online version of this course is split into modules. Please visit Video Marketing online course for details.

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Complete beginners through to people with basic or intermediate skills, who want to produce promotional videos for the web.


3 to 6 participants on each course.


Visit our  Online Course page for details of modules.

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Joanna Butcher, Ipsos
"It was a fantastic combination of clear technical instruction and illuminating practical work – all brought to life by their insider knowledge and priceless advice. We left inspired, keen to do as much video as we could find the time for. We thoroughly recommend!"

Ella Price, Marketing Consultant

"As a freelancer, a lot of courses I looked at were too long, with content I didn't need, and frankly too costly. There's hands-on time, and most importantly, an in-depth comparison of software. Mark has the skill to extract what you need from the course. I have confidence now to choose what [equipment] will suit me best, which is a quantum leap from where I was. My photography skills were basic at best, and decades old, but very swiftly updated!" Read Ella's full testimonial here