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Still image from Stockwell Festival 05

Stockwell Festival 05

Format: mini DV, 240 mins, 2005
Location: Larkhall Park

One camera shoot of stockwell festival. The year the parade got lost....

Still image from Stockwell Festival 04

Stockwell Festival 04

Format: mini DV, 240 mins, 2004
Location: Larkhall Park, Stockwell Studios

Stockwell Festival, Stockwell Community Resource Centre, parade from Larkhall Park to Stockwell Studios.Operatic performance from balcony of Stockwell Studios.

Still image from Southwark Festival 2001

Southwark Festival 2001

Format: mini DV, 100 mins, 2001
Location: Burgess Park, Southwark

Southwark Festival 2001

Still image from Hackney Homeless

Hackney Homeless

Format: mini DV, 30 mins, 1994
Location: Hackney

The Hackney Homeless Festival was a free, non-profit making festival held in Clissord Park, Stoke Newington in May 1994

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