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International Brigade Bosco Jones Interview on Spanish Civil War - 1985


1985 Interview with John 'Bosco' Jones, International Brigader and Anti-Fascist Activist in East London during the 1930's.

Entrevista con Bosco Jones, integrante de las Brigadas Internacionales y activista antifascista en el Este d

To hear about Bosco's account of Fascism in London in the 1930's click here.

Para escuchar el testimonio de Bosco Jones acerca del antifascismo en Londres en los 30, haga click aqui.

Key Words and their time code mentioned in the interview.

07:29 The News Chronicle

News Chronicle

The News Chronicle was a British daily newspaper. It ceased publication in 1960, being absorbed into the Daily Mail.

Concise History of the British News Paper

A helpful Chronology of the evolution of the British news paper in the 20th Century by the British Library.

News Chronicle

Background information on the News Chronicle.

07:42 James Cameron

James Cameron

Mark James Cameron (17 June 1911 ? 26 January 1985) was a prominent British journalist.

BBC Report on James Cameron

James Cameron was perhaps the most defining journalist of the last 50 years.

The Great Reporters

Web page with links to a book about the top journalists.

James Cameron

Biography of James Cameron

James Cameron

A thoughtful and unfortunately brief accolade to James Cameron.

08:07 International Brigade

International Brigades

For more information on the international Brigades see the links listed at the bottom of this page.

08:35 National Unemployed Workers Movement


Wikipedia website: National Unemployed Workers' Movement was a British organisation set up in 1921 by members of the Communist Party of Great Britain.

National Unemployed Workers Movement

Link to the N.U.W.M's website

09:19 Climbing over the Pyrenees

Climbing the Pyrenees

Commemorative crossing of the Pyrenees 14-17 April 2006

Crossing the Pyrenees

Steve Fullarton: An account by a IB scotsman of his journey to Spain including crossing the Pyrenees.

Crossing the Pyrenees

George Wheeler: An account of a IB Englishman who crossed the Pyrenees including a horrific tale of Fascist imprisonment.

10:41 and 22:59 Battle of Jarama

Wikipedia: Battle of Jarama

The Battle of Jarama (February 6-27, 1937) was an indecisive Nationalist crossing of the river Jarama, just east of Madrid, during the Spanish Civil War.

Battle of the Jarama River

The battle of the Jarama River, 12-14 February 1937

La Batalla Del Jarama

Spanish website of the Battle of Jarama.

Photos of Jarama

Website with present day photographs and information on the Battle of Jarama.

Battle of Jarama

Educational website on the Battle of Jarama

Battle of Jarama Remembered

An Unrepentant Communist: Report and commemoration of the Battle of Jarama.

Merseyside recruits in the Battle of Jarama

A commemorative site for those recruits from Liverpool killed at the battle of Jarama.

2:22 Tom Wintringham

Wikipedia: Tom Wintringham

Thomas Henry (Tom) Wintringham (15 May 1898?16 August 1949) was a British soldier, military historian, journalist, poet, Marxist, politician and author.

Tom Wintringham

Educational website on Tom Wintringham.

Tom Wintringham

Historical biography on Tom Wintringham.

Tom Wintringham

A website listing the achievements of Tom Wintringham.

Camden New Journal: Tom Wintringham

An article on Tom Wintringham with photos published in the Camden New Journal.

04:34 Mexicanski Rifles

Mexicanski Rifles

This article makes reference to the term Mexicanski Rifle which was IB slang: " And there we got our first rifles. Russian rifles and we were told not to say a word about the Russian rifles, so we fell in with that, we called then Mexicanski rifles and even today you can hear the international brigade refer to the Mexicanski rifles, its the Russian rifles hes talking about because we were very good in that sense of keeping military secrets."

Mexicanski Rifles

History book on Google Books 'The Spanish Civil War, 1936-39' by Patrick Tumbull which mentions the 'mexicanski rifle: " The weapon is the 'mexicanski', the most common rifle among very different types acquired by the republic: it is a Russian Moisin-Nagant supplied via Mexico."

05:20 Chauchat Gun

Wikipedia: Chauchat Gun

Its formal designation in the French Army was Fusil-Mitrailleur Mle 1915 CSRG. It was also known as the CSRG or Gladiator.


Informative site on the history of the gun and its properties including a picture.

Chauchat gun

World war One web site and the Chauchat gun.

05:52 Lewis Gun

Wikipedia: Lewis Gun

The Lewis Gun is a pre-World War I era squad automatic weapon/machine gun of American design that was most widely used by the forces of the British Empire.

Lewis gun

Photograph of the Lewis gun

Lewis Gun

The story of the Lewis Gun in WWI

Lewis Gun

Comprehensive article on the Lewis Gun and its origins in WWI

Lewis Gun

The Story Of How The Lewis Light Machine Gun Arrived On The Western Front In The Great War.


Wikipedia: Moroccan Regulares

In 1936 the Army of Africa, totaling 30,000 in the Legion and Moroccan regiments, joined the rebellion led by General Franco against the Republican Government in Madrid.

Military Organisation in Morocco

Extensive details of the Morracan Army lay out and its use by the Spanish and by Franco.

Wikipedia: Morrocan Regulares in the Battle of Jarama

Jarama pitted the elite Spanish Foreign Legionnaires and Moroccan Regulares of Franco's Army of Africa against the Republican Army of the Centre, including the volunteers of the International Brigades

Wikipedia: The Spanish Civil War and the Regulares

The Army of Africa was to play a key part during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. Along with other units in the Spanish Army, the Army of Africa rose against the Republic and took part in the Nacional military uprising of July 1936. On July 18, 1936, General Francisco Franco assumed the supreme command over this force.

07:38 O'Duffy and the Blue Shirts

Wikipedia: The Blueshirts

The Blueshirts have been been regarded as Ireland's equivalent of Adolf Hitler's Brownshirts and Benito Mussolini's Blackshirts which were members of the European right-wing movements.

Wikipedia: Eoin O'Duffy

Eoin O'Duffy led the Irish Brigade to fight for Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War. He once proclaimed himself the "third most important man in Europe" after Adolf Hitler and fellow Fascist Benito Mussolini.

Ireland and Fascism

Article on fascism in Ireland

Eoin O'Duffy

Some articles about Eoin O Duffy, leader of the Blueshirts

The Blueshirts

The Army Comrades' Association was established in Ireland in February 1932. The organisation soon became known as Blueshirts.

Eoin O'Duffy

1934 news article about O'Duffy.

W.B Yeats describing the Blueshirts

Selected essays by Yeats talking about Blueshirt activity in Ireland.

Paul Robeson

Wikipedia: Paul Robeson

Robeson toured Republican Spain during the Spanish Civil War and was photographed with members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, including its black commander Oliver Law. His repertoire included Peat Bog Soldiers, which was popular with International Brigades volunteers and veterans alike.

Paul Robeson, Spain and the Anti-fascist Crusade.

A tribute site to Paul Robeson and his involvement in the Spanish Civil War, very informative and well worth reading.

Paul Robeson

Educational website about Paul Robeson's life.

09:45 Anarchists


Website dedicated to publicising the role of anarchism in the Spanish civil War.

Wikipedia: Anarchism

In the 1920s and 1930s, the rise of fascism in Europe transformed anarchism's conflict with the state.

Wikipedia:Anarchism in Spain

Anarchists played a central role in the fight against Franco during the Spanish Civil War.

Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War

International Socialist Review

Anarchism in Action

A web version of a pamphlet about Anarchism in the Spanish civil War.

Images of the Spanish Revolution

A photo of the Anarchists in the Durruti Column.

Anarchy Archives

An online Research Centre on the History and Theory of Anarchism

Anarchists in the 1936 Spanish Civil War

Youtube video on Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War

10:05 Buenaventura Durruti

Wikipedia: Buenaventura Durruti

Buenaventura Durruti (July 14, 1896 ? November 20, 1936) was a central figure of Spanish anarchism during the period leading up to and during the Spanish Civil War.

Buenaventura Durruti, Libertarian Communist Militant of Spain

A website with links to various articles about Durruti.

Buenaventura Durruti papers

International Institute of Social History

Buenaventura Durruti

An article celebrating Durruti's influence.

Video tribute to Durruti.

Youtube video tribute to Durruti (in Spanish).

Buenaventura Durruti

Biography of Durruti's life.

11:16 Battle of Brunete

Wikipedia: Battle of Brunete

The Battle of Brunete (6 July ? 25 July 1937), fought 15 miles west of Madrid, was a Republican attempt to alleviate the pressure exerted by the Nationalists on the capital and on the north during the Spanish Civil War.

The Battle of Brunete

An article published online by Luis Silva on the Battle of Brunete.

The Battle of Brunete, July 1937

International Brigade website on the Battle of Brunete.

Battles of the Spanish Civil War

A simple guide to the Battles of the Spanish Civil War.

16:21 Esmond and Giles Romilly

Wikipedia: Esmond Romilly.

Esmond Marcus David Romilly (June 10, 1918?November 30, 1941) was a British socialist and anti-fascist, now remembered mainly for his marriage to Jessica Mitford, one of the Mitford sisters.

Wikipedia:Giles Romilly

Giles Samuel Bertram Romilly, (September 19, 1916 ? August 2, 1967), was a journalist, Nazi POW, brother of Esmond Romilly and nephew of Winston Churchill. He served as a war correspondent in both the Spanish Civil War and in World War II.

Giles and Esmond Romilly.

National Portrait Gallery pictures of the Romilly Brothers.

Esmond Romilly

Biography of Esmond Romilly's life.

The Public School Radicals of the 1930's.

Article on the Romilly brothers and the impact of the 1930's politics.

Rebel with a Cause: Decca and Esmond Romilly

An article tracing the adventure of Decca and Esmond and their joint expedition to join anti-franco forces in Spain.

16:52 ''Jarama Valley'' Song

Wikipedia: There's a Valley in Spain called Jarama

This song from the Second Spanish Republic is also known as Jarama Valley and El Valle del Jarama. The tune is Red River Valley.

Jarama Valley Song

Woodie Guthrie version of the song.

17:03 Alex McDade

Alex McDade

Alex McDade (1905-1937) was a Glasgow labourer who went to Spain to fight with XV International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War

Alex McDade and the Battle Hymn of the international Brigade.

An article about McDade and his participation in the Spanish Civil War.

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Date: 12 November 1985
Location: Copenhagen Street
City: London, England
Crew: Spectacle
Organisation: Spectacle
Original Format - colour, u-matic, 28 mins
Language versions - english
Useful link: - http://www.international-brigades.org.uk/...

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