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Ruhullah Aramesh Demo Speaker Refugees Ad-hoc Committee for Asylum Rights RACAR - 1992


Demo against the Killing of Ruhullah Aramesh in Thornton Heath in 1992. Speech by member of the Refugee Ad-hoc Committe for Asylum Rights (RACAR), name unknown

Refugee Ad-hoc Committee for Asylum Rights RACAR

Spoke about:

Anti Nazi league, Croydon race and equality
Many murders in the last year. Murders in Manchester, Newham, a hit and run by a police patrol car Eritrean refugee in Lambeth  (murder) Arun Binyam, early 1992, Rohit Duggal murdered
The murders are echoes of what is happening throughout Europe
Assaults on Blacks and refugees
RACAR largest refugee organisation
Calling for national demonstration against the asylum bill, 21/11/92, from Hyde Park to Trafalger
Refugees have a right to seek asylum hear under the UN convention
Britain is a signatory to the convention but want to do away with its obligation
Asylum bill
The asylum bill is not democratic it is an assault on refugees dignity
Refugees are the responsibility of the international community

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Date: 12 September 1992
Location: Norbury
City: London
Crew: M Saunders
Organisation: Anti-Nazi League
Event: Ruhullah Aramesh March
Original Format - colour, hi8, 5.58 mins
Language versions - english

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