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Ruhullah Aramesh Demo Speaker Weyman Bennett Anti-Nazi League - 1992


Demo against the Killing of Ruhullah Aramesh in Thornton Heath in 1992. Speech by Weyman Bennnett of the Anti-Nazi League.

Weyman Bennett

Anti-Nazi League and Unite Against Fascism

Spoke about:

Ruhullah Aramesh was murdered on the 31/Aug
Going to make Croydon , Tower Hamlets, anti-nazi zones
Unite blacks, whites, gays everybody to stop nazis
The key place where deaths have been in south London is in and around the BNP head quarters inside Bexley
Demonstration on the 19 against Irving, who tried to say the holocaust did not take place
Black and white community can smash racism
Wants to make sure nazis don't get a foothold of Croydon/Britain
Wants to send a message out to people like 'Le Pen' we will fight here and others will fight there
Everybody should join the Anti-Nazi League

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Date: 12 September 1992
Location: Norbury
City: London
Crew: M Saunders
Organisation: Anti-Nazi League
Event: Ruhullah Aramesh March
Original Format - colour, hi8, 3.37 mins
Language versions - english

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