2-Day Workshop

Come to our London studio for a 2-day intensive and practical filming workshop face-to-face.

Hands-on experience of filming with Camcorders, DSLRs, and using a variety of affordable and professional accessories - microphones, digital audio recorders, tripods.

 This in-person workshop is ideal as a stand-alone, or can replace the first 4 days of online sessions for these courses: Filmmaking, Participatory Video, Social Research, Video Production, and Video Marketing.

2-Day Video Production Workshop - £280*  

*No charge if booked as part of these courses: Filmmaking, Participatory Video, Social Research, Video Production,  or Video Marketing. 

Upcoming Course Dates

- October 1, 2
- March 11-12
- June 10-11

10:00-17:00 Spectacle Studio, London SW11
This can replace the first 4 days of online sessions for the all online courses.

Video Production

“This is a fantastic introduction to the basics of film-making. Mark is a very skilled trainer and the course content was comprehensive and clear” - Paula

2 Day Workshop

Two intensive days covering Sessions 1-4

Intro to Smartphone Filming 
Smartphone as camera kit
Presentation of the course and its aims
What can be actually done with a smartphone and what are its limitations as camera?

Filming with Smartphones 
Different tools for different aims: is a smartphone my best tool?
Smartphone vs Camcorder, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras
How to achieve best results with what I have?
In-built apps: best settings and good practices

Principles of video production 
Manual settings vs Automatic Settings
Focal Length
Focus, Iris, Shutter speed, ISO

Smartphone pro - webinar
How to gain back aesthetic control
FilmicPro: setting and tools

Recording Sound: how to achieve 'radio quality' audio
Microphone: different types for different uses
External recording devices

Video Interview 
How to approach video interviews
Framing a ‘talking head’
Best practices in setting up interviews
Aesthetic conventions: eyeline

Practice: filming a talking head 
Interview Exercise Presentation
'View and crit': workshop analysis of 'talking head' exercise

Grip and permissions 
Grip equipment
Tripods, monopods, gimbals

Filming to edit 
What is a "shot"?
Jump cuts and B-roll
Framing principles and moving shots: tracking, pan, tilt

Practice: B-roll 
B-roll exercise presentation: portraits and locations
'View and crit': workshop analysis of B-roll' exercise

Filming indoor/outdoor 
Light temperature and white balance
Principles of 3 and 4 point lighting

Conclusions and Q&A  

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