Are there face to face version of the courses?

We are restarting face to face/ In-person courses in 2022. More details to follow. 

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How can I check the schedule of my course?

Check our calendar to know when your sessions are scheduled. You can also ask to be sent a detailed schedule for your course at training@spectacle.co.uk.

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What platform is the online course on?

We will deliver our courses on Zoom. Before the course starts, you will receive joining instructions with a link to join our sessions. You will therefore need an internet connection, a computer with Zoom installed on and possibly a webcam and headphones with a microphone. If you don’t have Zoom, or you wonder whether your computer is suitable, please contact us at training@spectacle.co.uk and we will try to help if possible.

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Do I need software or equipment to attend the online course?

We only require you to have equipment that allows you to join a Zoom meeting and a smartphone with video recording capacity. None of our exercises require you to have professional equipment, however if you have access to camcorders or other video equipment (DSLRs, microphones etc) you can use them for your exercise if you want. If your course includes Video Editing, although not necessary, it is advisable to have access to Adobe Premiere Pro. It is possible to have a 7-day free trial of the software that you could decide to use during your course.

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Are the courses live? Will they be recorded?

All courses will be delivered live on Zoom. Before the course starts, you will receive instructions with the link to join the Zoom meetings. We will record our sessions and share a private link so participants can watch back the sessions they could not attend.

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How many days does my course last?

The number of days it takes to complete each course depends on the course you choose. You can check your schedule by selecting your course on our calendar.

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Can I handpick Sessions?

Get in touch at training@spectacle.co.uk for specific advice if you want to craft a bespoke course.

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What is a webinar?

Webinars are more specialist sessions. Webinars are stand alone and can also be booked individually. Check the list of scheduled webinars and screenings.

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What is a session?

Each course is made up of a set number of 3-hour sessions and webinars.

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What happens if I cannot attend a session? 

All sessions will be recorded and a link to watch it back will remain available for the duration of your course, so that you can pick up the content you missed.

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What payment methods do you accept? 

You can pay by bank transfer or by card via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay through Paypal - just follow the link at the bottom of the booking form to pay via debit or credit card.

Some business credit cards may not work with Paypal. 
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