Spectacle Webinars

Are you starting a participatory filmmaking project?

Wanting to film live events?

Trying to embed video tools in your research project?


  • Smartphone pro: FilmicPro app settings and tools 
  • Filming Live Events 
  • Videomaking as data collection 
  • Editing as a research tool: treating video as 'data' 
  • Participatory Video Workshop: how to share videomaking 
  • Practicing Participatory Video: commissioned work and grassroots challenges 
  • Editing in Participatory Video: how to share editorial control 
  • Video Marketing: promoting your organisation on video 
  • Bring video in-house: budgeting, keeping control and outsourcing 
  • Documentary Research 
  • A journey through Spectacle's 30 years experience in Participatory Video

Inquire about individual tutorials on any topic.

Our stand alone webinars and screenings engage with specialist aspects of video production and filmmaking practices. They are specifically designed to share SPECTACLE's 40+ years experience in participatory video & community mediavideo production, and documentary making in the fields of urbanism and social justice.

Some sessions are designed for audiences aiming to use videomaking skills in specialist fields such as Social Research, Participatory Video (PV) and Video Marketing. The relevant specialist webinars are already included in course bundles.  

Email training@spectacle.co.uk for details

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