Smartphone Video

The Smartphone Video course will teach you how to get the best results when you use your phone to film.

You will be introduced to your phone's settings become familiar with additional apps and gadget to improve your results.

It does not include Video Editing. If you are interested in using other types of cameras and producing more complex videos including action, interviews, or B-roll, the Video Production course is a better choice.

The smartphone modules are included in all other courses. 

Smartphone Filmmaking

Upcoming Course Dates

- September 26
- March 6
- June 5

All online courses run on Zoom 15:00-18:30 London time

Smartphone Filmmaking

"The training packed lots into one day and covered all aspects of smartphone filming. It's given me lots of ideas to take away and put into practice" - Cathy Meligan

Smartphone Filmmaking Sessions


Intro to Smartphone Filming
Smartphone as camera kit
Presentation of the course and its aims
What can be actually done with a smartphone and what are its limitations as camera?

Smartphone pro - webinar
How to gain back aesthetic control
FilmicPro: setting and tools

Filming with Smartphones 
Different tools for different aims: is a smartphone my best tool?
How to achieve best results with what I have?
In-built apps: best settings and good practices

Digital Sound
Recording Sound: how to achieve 'radio quality' audio
Microphone: different types for different uses
External recording devices

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