Video Marketing 

Aimed at small businesses, social enterprises, charities, start-ups, comms teams or freelance marketers who want to be able to personally produce promotional videos for the web.

It includes videography and editing as well as tips to help small organisations bring video production in-house, addressing issues like equipment buying and good practices to keep costs low while preserving good production values and control of your video content.

Video Marketing

Upcoming Course Dates

The Video Marketing course comprises two parts:

Part 1 - Production: filming, videography (online or in-person)
In-person: London SW11, 10:00-17:00
- January 13-14
- March 9-10
- June 29, 30

Online: on Zoom, 15:00-18:30 London time
- January 8, 9, 10, 11
- March 4, 5, 6, 7
- June 24, 25, 26, 27

Part 2 - Post-Production: Editing and webinars (online only)
Online: on Zoom, 15:00-18:30 London time
- January 17, 18, 24, 25, 26
- March 13, 14, 20, 21, 22
July 2, 3, 4, 5, 8

Video Marketing

“A fantastic introduction to video for marketing, following the process all the way through”
- Adam

Video Marketing Sessions

PART 1 - Production: filming, videography (online or in-person)

Intro to Smartphone Filming
Smartphone as a camera kit: potentials and limitations
Setting up your phone

Filming with Smartphones
In-built apps: best settings and good practices
Controlling Focus and Exposure
Shooting selfies and framing ‘talking heads’

Recording sound with a phone
How to achieve 'radio quality' audio
Microphone: different types for different uses
External recording devices

Accessories and software
Grip Equipment: frames, clamps, tripods, gimbals
Lighting tips

Principles of video production
Manual settings vs Automatic Settings
Focal Length
Focus, Iris, Shutter speed, ISO 

Video Interview 
How to approach video interviews
Framing a ‘talking head’
Best practices in setting up interviews
Aesthetic conventions: eyeline

Filming a talking head Practical Exercise

Practice: filming a talking head 
'View and crit': workshop analysis of 'talking head' exercise (60 min)

Filming to edit 
What is a "shot"?
Jump cuts and B-roll
Framing principles and moving shots: tracking, pan, tilt

B-roll practical exercise

Exercise Review: B-roll 
'View and crit': workshop analysis of B-roll' exercise 

Filming indoor/outdoor 
Light temperature and white balance
Principles of 3 and 4 point lighting
Conclusions and Q&A 

Grip and permissions
Grip equipment
Tripods, monopods, gimbals

PART 2 - Post-Production: Editing and webinars (online only)

Story telling
Shot list
Use of Archive

Intro to Video Editing 
What is non-linear editing?
Understanding Premiere Pro software
Premiere Pro architecture
Basic tools and functions

Industry phases and roles: assistant editor, online and offline editor
Getting ready: backing up, importing media

Assistant Editor 
Setting Up a project
Cataloguing your rushes
Selecting clips

Off-line editing 
How to efficiently achieve your 'fine cut'
Use of sequences: themes
Channels: inserting and layering

Online Editing 
Editing sound
Effects and transitions
Resizing clips
Key frames
Animating still images
Creating captions
Fixing clips: color, cropping

Exporting and Sharing
Rendering and exporting
Video platforms and social media

Filming Live Events
Promoting your organisation on video
Bring video in-house: Budgeting

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