International and US Olympic Committees Continue Link with BP

Jacques Rogge – president of the IOC. Courtesy of United Nations Photo

Since the devastating oil spill earlier this year, BP (British Petroleum) have found it a little difficult to big up their green credentials. Unsurprisingly, the International and US Olympic Committees (IOC and USOC) have spoken up about their continued support for BP. Or perhaps more specifically, continuing their support of the BP sponsorship which floats around the figure of £50 million they received a short while ago.

Other illustrious London 2012 sponsors include Dow Chemicals, Coca Cola and BMW… As previously mentioned on the Spectacle blog, the official 2012 Olympic sponsors reads like a who’s who of greenwash and corporate irresponsibility. But as long as Sebastian Coe is happy and the Olympics are still rolling into town, who cares?

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