Poverty and Participation in the Media


Poverty and Participation in the Media is a participatory media project examining how the media treats poverty and those affected:

Looking at opportunity and exclusion; representation, stigmatisation and stereotyping. With the wealth gap on the increase and virtual segregation of the classes creating urban ghettos - Does the media influence bridge or increase the divide?

This 10 minute overview introduces the range of project discussion.
These themes are explored more fully in the clips below.

Community: Division, Cohesion and Contribution of the Media

Social Change: The Potential of the Media

Poverty: Stigma and Stereotypes; The Role of the Media

Media Portrayal of Poverty: Views From the Community

Media Portrayal of Wealth: Pressure to Purchase

Crime In Poorer Communities

Education: Views From the Community


As well as the thematic clips above, produced through a series of media workshops, case studies of the documentaries filmed in the groups local area were also developed. Participants responded to the assertions made by  these profiles.

Documentaries: Potential and Pitfalls - The Case of The Tower

Documentaries: Potential and Pitfalls - The Case of Rich Kid, Poor Kid

Rich Kid Poor Kid - Perspective of the Produce


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