Poverty and Participation in the Media

PROJECT CLIP - Documentaries: Potential and Pitfalls - The Case of The Tower

These clips are a selection from the Poverty and Participation in the Media project, due for DVD release in May. The interviews began in summer 2008 with the most recent being shot in March this year.

Interviews were produced within Poverty and Participation in the Media Workshops. All interviews and production was conducted by participants.



Discussion of the BBC film The Tower

In June 2007 the BBC screened an 8-part documentary series looking at the effects of the sale of Aragon Tower, on the Pepys council estate in Lewisham, to private developers. The series gained critical acclaim and has since been repeated on non-terrestrial television.

The interviewees here are all local residents, including two who featured in the programme. They look at the film in terms of their community and how it was portrayed, the repercussions of the film and what they feel should have been done differently. All footage produced as part of Spectacle workshops on the Pepys estate.

These clips, along with footage from other Spectacle projects, can also be viewed in the Archive.

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