Poverty and Participation in the Media


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Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Joseph Rowntree Foundation have launched the Poverty and Particiption in the Media project

Journalism Guidelines

Guidelines for journalists from Church Action on Poverty (CAP)

Public Interest in Poverty Issues (PIPI)

The purpose of PIPI is to further understanding on how to build support for poverty eradication in the UK. PIPI aims to enable more effective communication on poverty, that is, dialogue and engagement which is inclusive, well informed and constructive. It will do this by building understanding of attitudes to poverty and explore the implications of these attitudes for communication and change.

The Poverty Site

Produced by the New Policy Institute and supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation - monitors what is happening to poverty and social exclusion in the UK and complements annual monitoring reports.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is a leading funder of social research and development work in the UK. It works with the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust to provide evidence, solutions and ideas that will help to overcome the causes of poverty, disadvantage and social evil.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation - Reporting povery in the UK

Information on the practial guide for journalists.  Also available to download from the Resources and Downloads page

Child Poverty

This covers the Foundation's work on child poverty. It provides access to a range of publications and working papers which can be downloaded.

Media Trust

The Media Trust works in partnership with the media industry to help the voluntary sector build effective communications.

Society of Editors

The Society of Editors has more than 400 members in national, regional and local newspapers and magazines, broadcasting, new media, journalism education and media law.

Changing Face Of Deptford

A film made by a student from Deptford in answer to the BBC series The Tower. The film asks the local community for their views regarding the representation of the area and the reality of life in Deptford.

A not so green and pleasant land

Article by Marc Leverton, which looks at the damning documentary about Rural Poverty, produced by The Rural Media Company.

Community Channel

Media Trust video journalists used coverage of the London launch and interviews with Liz Barclay, Brian Woods, Tim Nicholls and other media and poverty experts to produce a short film about the first event of the project. This was broadcast on the Action programme of the Community Channel on the 18 September.

Comment and Discussion

Representations of Poverty in the Media

The Guardian,Tom Clark, September 10, 2008

Poor show

Jeremy Kyle

In Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report
Andre Sparrow, Guardian.co.uk,Wednesday 10 September 2008
Jeremy Kyle Show 'undermines anti-poverty efforts', says thinktank

Cutting Edge: Rich Kid Poor Kid, Channel 4, 13th November 2008

November 14, 2008
Cutting Edge: Rich Kid, Poor Kid; Apparitions

The Guardian, Danny Dorling, Wednesday 12 November 2008,
Worlds apart

The Observer, Barbara Ellen, Sunday 16 November 2008,
Who declared class war among our teens?

Stockwell News blog, 14 November 2008
Rich Kid, Poor Kid

The Tower,
BBC1, 25th June 2007

Planet Pepys, September 22, 2007, deptfordtv
The Tower

Coopepy's Blog
BBC Sent to the Tower

Marsh Farm NDC Funding

Face the Fact, John Waite, Friday 17th August 2007, BBC Radio 4
New Deal For Communities 

Ladette to Lady, ITV1 series

The Mail Online
The ladette who became a real life lady...

Jade Goody

Daily Mail Online
Where Jade will Always be a winner

Anorak 'keeping tabs on the tabloids'
Big Brother Jade Goody’s Class War

Campaigning Groups

Oxfam Blog- End Uk Poverty

A charity campaigning Blog that focuses on the dealing with the problems of poverty in the UK and abroad

Child Poverty Action Group

Campaigns for the abolition of child poverty in the UK.

End Child Poverty

An alliance of organisations working to eradicate child poverty in the United Kingdom.

UK Coalition Against Poverty

A Charity that works with and on behalf of anti-poverty groups across the UK.

European Anti-poverty Network

An independent network of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and groups involved in the fight against poverty and social exclusion in the Member States of the European Union.

Save the Children

A charity that campaigns for action on child poverty within the UK and across the globe.

European funding for projects addressing poverty


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