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Rowntree Report blows ‘Lazy poor’ myth out of the water

From Shameless to Little Britain, does drama negatively stereotype the poor?

Spectacle to re-interview residents of The Tower

Depictions of Poverty: what happens when the film makers leave?

Poverty and the Media Films Feedback

Glenn Jenkins response to Secret Millionaire

Runnymede study blasts media depiction of white working class

Repossession, Repossession, Repossession

Marsh farm challenge to the BBC

Secret Millionaire

Rich Kid, Poor Kid showing a divided London

Are British children the poorest?

Poverty and Media-watch the video

Can you become rich by thinking it?

The Tower: Social realism or stereotyping

Jade Goody: Is she really a hero to the students of Bacon’s College?

Workshop feedback

Is exclusion from education exclusion from representation?

Should we move from the north to the south?

Does poverty cause violence and the collapse of the family?

Is ‘poverty’ a financial term?

Media Poverty Representation

The Causes of Poverty

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