Marketing carbuncle on Battersea Power Station

The new Battersea Power Station owners, like all the previous “flippers”, has barely spent a penny on taking care of the Grade II* listed building, which is in such a perilous state it is now listed as an endangered world monument, while gushing out PR about “restoration“.

What they have spent money on is clearing the site of any inconvenient obstacles to untrammeled profitable development – getting planning permission to demolish the listed Victorian Pump House, finding an excuse to remove and mothball the listed cranes, getting the gas holders a certificate of immunity from listing and removed.

They also like to spend money on themselves and their target customers- the rich foreign investor. So while the building rots and the cranes rust away the owners have put in a planning permission application to erect a “temporary” but very expensive and intrusive marketing suite on the corner of the roof of annex B- a decision will be made in January 2014.

Happily from this position prospective buyers will not able to see the adjacent Cringle Street waste transfer station. As we mentioned in a previous blog the Western Riverside Waste Authority’s second transfer station, Cringle Dock is situated next to Battersea Power Station and is capable handling over 5,000 tonnes of smelly refuse every week- all brought in by lorry.

Find below the planning application to erect a temporary marketing suite.

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Planning Application erect temp.-2597010

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Planning Application Lift -2597010

In the BPS Newsletter 13 – 12 the owners describe their planning applications as:

”In November 2013 a planning application was submitted to Wandsworth Council to erect a temporary marketing suite on the north-eastern corner of the roof of Annexe B of the Power Station. We expect a decision in January 2014 and hope to erect the structure soon after.”

So, there is plenty to object to the Battersea Power Station planning Applications

You can register your objections on-line now

Details of the planning applications can be found on the Planning pages of Wandsworth Council’s website by searching the applications database using reference numbers below or follow our links:

Ref: 2013/5757  Alter or Extend a Listed Building

Click here to object/comment on 5757

Ref: 2013/5690   Application for Full Permission

Click here to object/comment on 5690

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2 thoughts on “Marketing carbuncle on Battersea Power Station

  1. Poorly researched and inaccurate blog – the current owners were not responsible for the previous permission and did not get the gas holders “unlistable” it is not within their power to do that. Also works of repair have started – and deadline for comments on the application for temporary marketing suite has passed. Whilst it is clear that you don’t want the building to be repaired at least get your facts right

  2. Hi Nigel,

    Thank you for your comment.

    You’re right about it being too late for commenting on the application. Shockingly it has been approved.

    It was the National Grid , the owners of the gas holders, who applied for the certificate of immunity from listing. Perhaps you could explain, as someone who works for English Heritage, why this application was approved when an identical building in Germany was used for exhibition space. See our blog on the gas holders.

    We wonder why English Heritage had such little regard for the Industrial Heritage of Battersea. It’s not true we do not want to see the building repaired, but unlike English Heritage, we do not approve of the building being desecrated for crass commercial interests.

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