Save Shaker Aamer Campaign Demonstration

This Monday, 10th September, a large scale protest will be held opposite the Houses of Parliament, rallying for the release of Shaker Aamer.

As London 2012 draws to a close this Sunday, demonstrators aim to bring what they call the Guantanamo Torture Olympics into the public conscioussness, and to bring Shaker Aamer back to London.

The organisers have outlined their aims, in a press release saying, ‘We are calling for Shaker Aamer’s immediate release, an end to torture and abuse in Guantanamo and for the Torture Team of Guantanamo Bay to be made accountable for crimes against humanity.’

All other UK prisoners have been released from Guantanamo, so why is it that Aamer remains detained?

Watch A Decade of Injustice for more information.

The demonstration is set to take place from 1pm to 3pm at Parliament Square, London on Monday.

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Battersea Buddleia Returns

A picture of what is believed to be Buddleia growing beneath Battersea Power Station’s south east chimney taken earlier this month shows the continued degradation of the grade 2 listed building. English Heritage seem to be blasé about the upkeep of the iconic building, having allowed such a large plant to take hold amongst the scaffolding.

Photo courtesy of Keith Garner

Sime Darby, the Malaysian Company who bought the aging building earlier this year, finalised the contract last night. With their plans to regenerate the power station set to start within months.

Despite Sime Darby’s history of global deforestation ( see Friends of the Earth report)  in relation to their Palm Oil business, they have had put little effort into the removal of this particular plant.

Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin, leader of the consortium, has claimed that the regeneration will produce up to 26,000 jobs. But how long will these jobs remain, and at what expense to the power station itself will this take over cause?

Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin claims they will build “a vibrant, accessible and functional town centre for Vauxhall, Nine Elms, Battersea area”. A town centre completely privately owned.

We aim to interview English Heritage about Battersea Power Station, do you have any questions you want posing to them?

Brian Barnes on London Today

Tonight, Brian Barnes will speak on London Tonight, ITV, discussing the proposed plans for the regeneration of Battersea Power station.

The plans outlined are to demolish the chimneys first, then build 800 luxury flats, starting in 2013. Work would start, initially fairly soon, though as a riverwalk has been planned for completion next April.

Sime Darby, the Malaysian company set to undertake this project, has been named by Friend of the Earth as one of the worst contributors to deforetation worldwide.