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Spectacle has an extensive and ever growing video archive. The archive covers a range of social and urban topics from 1979 to the present day. We also provide a research service. Spectacle offers a sliding scale of rates subject to usage and terms of contract. For enquiries regarding our archive please e-mail archive@spectacle.co.uk.

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Below is a list of some of the subjects in our archive:

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Still image from Organisation Workshop

Organisation Workshop

Archive Category: Marsh Farm Luton
Date: 16 March 2005
Format: mini DV, 480 mins, 2005
Location: Marsh Farm

Organisation Workshop seminar held at Marsh Farm Coulter's Centre, Luton.

Still image from European Social Forum INURA London

European Social Forum INURA London

Archive Category: INURA
Date: 13 October 2004
Format: mini DV, 45 mins, 2004

European Social Forum Inura London event.

Still image from Stockwell Studios Open Day 04

Stockwell Studios Open Day 04

Archive Category: Stockwell Studio
Date: 9 July 2004
Format: mini DV, 60 mins, 2004
Location: Stockwell Studios, Annie McCall Close

Open Day at Stockwell Studios and the launch of the Annie McCall heritage web site.

Still image from Walking tour through Kreis 5

Walking tour through Kreis 5

Archive Category: INURA
Date: 11 May 2004
Format: mini DV, 180 mins, 2004
Location: Kreis 5

Stadtlabor walking tour through Kreis 5, an activists history of the squatted area near the central railway station.

Organised by INURA as part of the Contested Metropolis book launch. (see events)

Still image from Marsh Farm Video Group

Marsh Farm Video Group

Archive Category: Marsh Farm Luton
Date: 28 April 2004
Format: mini DV, 2100 mins, 2004
Location: Marsh Farm

Marsh Farm New Deal from the perspective of the residents.

Tapes shot in a series of Spectacle video workshops on Marsh Farm Luton from April 04 to May 05.

Still image from Stockwell Festival 04

Stockwell Festival 04

Archive Category: Festival
Date: 2004
Format: mini DV, 240 mins, 2004
Location: Larkhall Park, Stockwell Studios

Stockwell Festival, Stockwell Community Resource Centre, parade from Larkhall Park to Stockwell Studios.Operatic performance from balcony of Stockwell Studios.

Archive default image

Urban Forum 2003

Archive Category: Urbanism
Date: 22 March 2003
Format: mini DV, 600 mins, 2003
Location: Coulters Centre

Two camera record of the 2 day Urban Forum meeting, including workshops and evening entertainment.

Still image from Participation Conference Brussels

Participation Conference Brussels

Archive Category: Urbanism
Date: 14 March 2003
Format: mini DV, 180 mins, 2003
Location: La Fonderie

International Forum on Citizen Participation in Urban Policy Making in EU Member States.

The second and last Participation Conference.

Forum supported by the Belgian Ministry of Economy and Research in charge of policy.

Still image from East Cornwall Coast Aerial Footage

East Cornwall Coast Aerial Footage

Archive Category: East Cornwall Aerial
Date: 2003
Format: beta sp, 54 mins, 2003
Location: East Cornwall Coast

Helicopter shots of east Cornwall coast. Inshore Wind farm, cliffs and shore line.

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