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We are currently running a new series of inter-generational video workshops. To find out about the details, click here. Everyone is welcome to participate in front and behind the camera!

The Silwood video group is a constituted group Spectacle started in 2001.
Since its inception, this extraordinary and unique group has had
approximately 200 people through its doors from the ages of 6 to 70.  Over
the years an unusually diverse range of people in terms of age, race and
religious background from the Silwood Estate and neighbouring areas have
worked together on a wide range of video projects responding to the
regeneration of the neighbourhood.


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Professional Work with Spectacle

Conferences, Screenings and Exhibitions

Silwood Video Group Workshops

Neighbourly Encounter : Missing Sculpture

Neighbourly Encounter : Photos

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Articles and text on the Silwood Estate




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