Silwood Video Group


Over the years, the SVG has received funding from a variety of sources,
initially set up with seed funding from The SRB budget via groundwork.
Despite this source of funding running out after a year, Spectacle continued
work with the SVG unfunded, attracting attention from European Social
funded project Equal who made them a partner in a three year project called
Working Broadband UK.  This funding meant another three years funding for
SVG which attracted funding again from the SRB who contributed
approximately one third of funding for 18months.  SVG has had funding from
Eurostar, PTTL (Brussels) and City Mined for the Brussels trip and is now part
funded via Spectacle by INTERREG IIIB funded APaNGO project of which
Spectacle is a partner.

In 2011, the Silwood Video Group has received funding grants from The Capital Community Foundation and The Wakefield & Tetley Trust for which it was extremely grateful.

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