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2011: Silwood Video Group Filming and Workshops January-March

Workshops began again on Silwood around the estate and in the Silverlock Centre, with residents filming the redevelopments and recording interviews with local residents. Check the Spectacle Blog for more details about the workshops that took place from January to March 2011. Click the images below to see more photos taken during the workshops.

Details about dates and location of the workshops can be found here, everyone welcome!

2009: Silwood Video Group Meetings. October 2009.

The last three Silwood Video Group meetings in October were scheduled for 16 Sept, 07 Oct and 21 Oct '09. The meetings took place from 18.30 to 20.30 at The Silverlock Centre, Warndon Rd.

2009: Silwood Video Group Meeting. 26 August 2009.

Members of the group set up an interview with Sadelle Agyekum about her dissertation, which focuses on the Silwood Estate experience of patnership regeneration. The need for more play areas and activities for children, more fruitful dialogue between the registered social landlords and the community, and more community cohesion were highlighted. This interview will be uploaded onto the site in the near future.

2009: Silwood Video Group Meeting. 22 April 2009

Residents Doreen Dower and Mike Sparks filmed areas on the Silwood they would like to see developed into recreational spaces for young people. During the evening they canvassed opinion on the estate about what they would like to see changed and encouraged young people to get involved in the resident meetings.

2009: Spectacle film Silwood open day with Pam Lewington. 4 April 2009


Spectacle and the Silwood Video Group filmed the first open day of the Lewington Community Centre. Pam Lewington, a former Silwood resident who the centre is named after, made a special visit back to estate to see how it had changed. Residents and former Video Group members had the chance to view past films made by the Silwood Video Group.

2009: Free Spectacle video training Day. Workshop. 28 February 2009

2006: Silwood Regeneration Scheme Final Event. 21 March 2006

2005: Silwood Workshop. 11 August 2005

2005: Silwood Workshop. 28 July 2005

2005: Silwood Street Party. 23 July 2005

2005: Silwood Workshop. 21 July 2005

2004: Silwood LOOP Video Shooting. 17 November 2004

2004: Silwood Brussels. 21 August 2004

2004: Silwood Radio Panic. 13 August 2004

2004: Silwood Summer Workshop

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