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Not My Business 

A short film about personal responsibility and litter

Lambourne House
Before the demolition of this Silwood tower block, a few residents are left
living in the block as the demolition starts around them.

Vicky’s rubbish film
In the new flats, under the management of new housing association, no one knows whose responsibility it is to empty the rubbish, 70 year old Vicky has to get onto her hands and knees to clean up the maggots.

Jacqui’s video diary 

Jacqui lives with her daughters and baby grand daughter.  Her video diary
hilariously and shockingly charts the appalling renovations made to her flat as corners are cut, and shoddy workmanship invades her flat.

Elephant and Castle Smell film 

Shirley, a long term Bermondsey resident remembers a journey from The
Coronet cinema in Elephant and Castle back home to Bermondsey from the smells coming from the factories and warehouses along the way.

Be Happy, Be Healthy 

A ten minutes promotion video about Lifestyle Opportunities for Older People (LOOP)

Loop Keep Fit Video (work in progress)
LOOP video group are in the process for editing an exercise video for people who for whatever reason are housebound.

Poems by Beverlyn Lopez

Let it Rain

The SVG have filmed a huge archive of the changes on the estate over the
years with a large body of interviews of residents and professionals involved in the regeneration of the area.  This archive is a unique record of this process that is happening all over the country and includes regen meetings, tenants meetings and public events. Much of this footage has been used in various edits to be shown at public meetings, and will prove a valuable record of what regeneration means from the perspective of the people who experience it.

Loop Keep Fit Video

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