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2008: Contrapolis, Screening Silwood Video Group vol 1,2,3. Contrapolis or Creativity and Enclosure in the Cities.

The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) and Poortgebouw Rotterdam.


2006: On 29th March Mark Saunders of Spectacle presented a range of uses of participatory media in the context of People, Planning and Participation. This event was called Town and Country Planning Association Conference. Website:


2005: Swimming Against the Tide: From the conventional to the inspirational. Exhibited and filmed at Marsh Farm Outreach on 23rd March was a 3 Camera Workshops for Silwood Video Group and the national launch of organisation Workshops.


2005: Palais Des Beaux-Arts, Brussels. SVG work shown at Belgium’s main fine art museum.


2005: Real Estate: Does picking up a camera make a difference? Public event exhibited and filmed on 24th August. Event organise by Spectacle. Films shown: Videos by and about residents involved in urban regeneration with examples from the Silwood and Aylesbury Estates(South East London), Marsh Farm Estate (Luton) and St Joost (Brussels). Screening and discussion. Part of Real Estate, London in 6 Easy Steps.


2005: Institute of Contemporary Art – London. Silwood Video group and Spectacle invited to screen films as part of exhibition ‘Real Estate: Art in a Changing City’ which focused on London land use, property development,and the relationship between art and ‘regeneration’ efforts.


2004: Silwood Video Group invited to the ‘Open Plein Air’ festival in Brussels, where they screened works in2 public sessions called, ‘Does picking up a camera make a difference’.




2004: 2 Hour, live interview with members of SVG on Radio Panic, Brussels.




Art and Architecture Journal article on Silwood Video Project.

Then and Now: The Politics of participation and urban change.

Venue: B+B for Art and Architecture Journal Winter 05/06 How "art has offered an active space for communities living in areas of redevelopment to communicate their demands and concerns about proposed changes, puts a foot in the door and ask who is calling the shots and draw attention to local interests.


Open Air Festival, Brussels

Radio Panic, Brussels

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