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Neighbourly Encounter: Missing Sculpture

Local historian Tony McTurk and Artist's model David Grist visit the Silwood Estate in 2002 to find the missing sculpture Neighbourly Encounter by artist Uli Nimptsch.


David Grist alongside Tony McTurk and others, look at where the Neighbourly Encounter sculpture was placed and give background into its history.


In search of the sculpture

David Grist was the original male model for the Neighbourly Encounter Scultpure. Elizabeth King located the sculpture to be on the Silwood Estate in London. The sculpture is now missing, currently being looked for by Mr Grist, with the help of  Local historian Tony McTurk. Southwark News is also writing about this missing sculpture.


David on working as a model for sculpture

David Grist's sister was the original female model for the Neighbourly Encounter sculpture. Her background career in modelling led her to being a model for the sculpture by Uli Nimptsch.


David on his sister Doreen

The Neighbourly Encounter sculpture was comissioned by London County Council (LCC). German artist Uli Nimptsch was given the job of designing this sculpture. He did many different works, including a piece for the House of Commons and the sculpture of Christ Ascendant in St. Wilfrid's Church. The Neighbourly Encounter sculpture was put in the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy, Burlington Close.


David on the artist and his home life

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