An insight into an internship at Spectacle

I have just completed a month long work experience placement at Spectacle, an award winning independent television production company. Spectacle is a small, friendly company with a positive office atmosphere.

As an intern my tasks include promoting Spectacles training courses in video production through social media such as Twitter, Facebook and the Spectacle blog. Through this I have learnt how to use TweetDeck a useful tool to line up tweets, improved my ability to use WordPress and learned other transferable social media skills. I have also been involved in writing Spectacles monthly newsletter.

As Spectacle is a small organisation there is the opportunity to become involved and receive a greater insight into the company. For example I have had the opportunity to be on the film set of one of Spectacles current projects.  I do not have any past experience in the film making industry so this was interesting and valuable.

Another benefit of working for a small company meant that my ideas and opinions were valued and my actions made more of an impact.

I am currently a student at Bournemouth University studying Communication and Media and needed to complete a four week summer placement as part of my course. I came across Spectacle on my university careers website, which can be used by both current students, graduates and members of the public looking to further their career.

To find out more about Spectacle’s work experience placement opportunities.


The Work Placement Experience

‘Work experience’ is usually shorthand for tea-making, errand running and general office serfdom. Spectacle however has a very different interpretation of work placements.

You get into the thick of things straight away. For me, I was sent off into the City of London to do an interview with two other work placement participants. Before we left we were told how to use the equipment and given some tips on basic interview technique, but we were trusted 100% to go and bring back usable footage and audio.

The Spectacle program is here to help its participants get a grasp of what working in an independent video production environment is like. The placement lasts 15 days and participants can expect to spend 20% of their time on shoots working in different capacities, 40% editing in FCP and the remaining 40% assisting in the office with the day to day maintenance of the website, blog and office itself. Obviously the more dull office errands need taking care of, but Spectacle like to make sure that no one work placement participant is stuck doing all the humdrum and everyone in the office helps out.

For more information check the Work Placement page here or drop us a mesage on the contact form here.