NEW book out on Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin provided one of the first practical and theoretical responses to the ecological crises of our time, through his elucidation of the political and philosophical ideas he called social ecology. However, in his later life an undue focus on Murray the individual came to obscure the relevance of his body of work.

In Recovering Bookchin, Dr Andy Price sets out to reclaim for Murray the centrality of his ideas and ideals, repositioning his legacy from an over-emphasised caricaturisation of a dogmatic sectarian to a more balanced acknowledgement of Murray’s invaluable contribution: a radical, visionary response to the ecological and social crises of our time.

Dr Andy Price is Senior Lecturer in Politics at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. He has written articles on both Bookchin and social ecology and on contemporary radical movements for the academic and popular press.

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