Become a Self Shooter: 5 Reasons Journalists Should Learn Video


As a journalist learning how to use video allows you to work for a wider range of media outlets.

1.With print newspaper production falling by 8% each day and the emergence of new technology, the world of journalism is changing.

2. Media outlets such as online magazines are relying more and more on online video content to keep their readers informed. Outlets such as the BBC are now using video on their Instagram accounts to give their followers short news bursts.

3. Video gives the audience visuals to look at rather than simply text to read, which takes less energy. Therefore readers will often choose to watch a video over reading text.

4. A video informs the reader faster than text. In this age of technology readers want to receive news as fast as possible. In a piece of text every detail needs to be explained, but videos can show rather than tell.

5. Learning how to use video will mean that you can work for a wider range of media outlets.

Learning video can be expensive. However Spectacle offer an affordable 4 day video production training course in which you can learn production and editing. For all abilities.

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Free Spectacle Digital Media Training day 28th Feb

This is a free introductory training day in digital production sponsored by Skillset. As well as learning the basics of using and operating a camera in a workshop environment participants will get the opportunity to learn about Digital Apprenticeships in Creative Media from a Skillset advisor. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to expand their horizons and learn more about video production as well as those interested in getting some careers advice on working in the media.

Places are limited, to avoid disappointment please email or call 02072236677 as soon as possible to book your place. To keep regularly updated with all our activities please join our Facebook group.