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Still image from XL Place Flagey

XL Place Flagey

Date: 2007
Producer: Spectacle/PTTL

This is the first video produced by the XL Video Group, a group of local residents formed in a Spectacle/PTTL video workshop in 2006. This video is about the changes in Place Flagey, Brussels' largest square and the surrounding area.

Still image from She

She's a punk rocker

Date: 2007
Producer: Mark Saunders

She’s A Punk Rocker U.K. This is a one-hour film Documentary by and about Punk Rock Women. Punk women changed the public face of female. It was very empowering for universal women.

Still image from Cite Admin

Cite Admin

Date: 2006
Producer: PTTL/Spectacle

14 minute english subtitled version of Cité Administrative about the Cité Administrative area of Brussels and the plans for its re-development.

Still image from Je vous salis, ma rue

Je vous salis, ma rue

Date: 2006
Producer: Spectacle / PTTL

Rue Laeken, the inhabitants and local workers reflect on the gentrification of their neighbourhood, situated between the freshly renovated KVS theatre and the new National Theatre.

Still image from Olympic Stories. Clays Lane

Olympic Stories. Clays Lane

Date: 2006
Producer: Spectacle

Clays Lane housing co-operative, situated in the future Olympic Village in Newham, is facing an inevitable eviction. This is the story of Clays Lane residents and their claim for fair treatment.

Still image from Loop Keep Fit

Loop Keep Fit

Date: 2005
Producer: Spectacle / Loop


An all women crew of Silwood residents and founder members of LOOP ( Lifestyle Opportunities for Older People) are currently producing their second video with Spectacle, a keep fit dvd/video by and for older people.

Still image from Silwood Video Group Vol 3

Silwood Video Group Vol 3

Date: 2005
Producer: Spectacle

Volume 3 of the Silwood Video Group compilation.
Father Lucas.
Jacci's Tour.
My walk home.
Silwood watercolors.
Video Viewing.

Still image from Silwood Video Group Vol 2

Silwood Video Group Vol 2

Date: 2005
Producer: Spectacle

More films by Silwood residents from 'London in Six Easy Steps' instalation at I.C.A.
Regeneration Exhibition.
Life on the estate.

Showing 9 - 16 of 62 items

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