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Project Overview

Well London Programme

Well London is an exciting, 5-year project that will work with local people to transform their health. There’s going to be a lot going on with a wide variety of different projects and initiatives, as well as opportunities for all Londoners to get involved and have their say.

The Well London programme will invest in local community-led projects that focus on:

    * Promoting mental health and well-being
    * Improving healthy eating choices
    * Promoting access to open spaces and increasing physical activity

Well London Media Project

As the media partner for Well London Spectacle are eager to engage with the projects within each selected borough and are currently in the process of setting out a schedule for documentation and media workshops.

Spectacle will be looking to set up workshops to enable up to twelve local participants to develop the skills necessary to produce their own videos during the course of Well London. Workshops will typically take place over two consecutive days, the first focusing on skill development and the second, implementing these skills to produce web clips promoting positive attitudes to health and wellbeing.

Some videos from this project can already be viewed online.

We have also created a blog to help people share the knowledge and experience they gain through the Well London project.

In order to better establish practical and timing requirements, please contact us if you are planning a Well London event with a brief summary of your ideas and what the event will involve, as well as the extent to which you or your partners wish to be involved in the organisation of a accompanying media workshop, it may be that you are able to suggest a community member or organisation who could act as local coordinator.

We will also be conducting interviews with Well London partners during the course of the project. The first of these will be in January, please let us know if you would particularly like to discuss your project at this session, though we will contact all partners closer to the time.

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