Well London

Lambeth - Larkhall

Stewarts Road Adventure Playground, Mosaic Workshop

Footage of the young participants creating mosaic signage to brighten up the playground and an interview with the artist running the workshop is viewable in the Spectacle Archive via this link,

Well London - Stuarts Road Mosaic Workshop, Julie Norburn Interview

Springforward Showcase Event

An evening of performance and exhibitions, celebrating the creative
achievements of the borough wide exploration of wellbeing.

Spring forward was a partnership project, jointly funded by Lambeth PCT and Well London, devised and delivered by Trust Art Project. Well London specifically funded the projects that Trust Art project delivered in Larkhall.

More information about the Arts Trail can be found on the Spring Forward website

Performances from this event can be viewed via the links below.

Well London - Springforward Showcase Event, Street Dance Group

Well London - Springforward Showcase Event, Unicycling

Well London - Springforward Showcase Event, 'Three'

Well London - Springforward Showcase Event, Mind and Soul Choir


If you are a  resident and interested in being part of the Well London Media Project in your area, learning to shoot and edit documentary video or completing a professional placement please contact Spectacle or

Greg Pittard, Project Co-ordinator
020 7223 6677


Clips from Well London, along with footage from other Spectacle projects, can also be viewed in the Archive.

To view related articles and discuss issues raised in these clips please visit the Spectacle Blog.

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