Endz Projection Screening – Four Films About Peckham

Tomorrow, Friday 24th September at 7pm at Frank’s Bar in Peckham there will be a screening of a series of films created by local talent.

Endz Projection is an exciting, youth-led film project based in Peckham, South London, and run in conjunction with The Damilola Taylor Centre, the BFI, and Southwark Council among others. The four highly ambitious films seek to challenge the negative tensions associated with Peckham and have a constructive effect on the community, and London more generally, by offering a fresh, positive representation of local people.

The films range from documenting a humorous, alternative tourist introduction to London with a tour through Peckham, to a football match held between locals and the police.

It promises to be an iconic night.


Cars without snow tyres are not insured?


Here in the UK after a few centimeters of snow cars are skidding all over the place creating a real danger for cyclists. In other countries motorists fit winter or snow tyres to their cars in the winter months. Surely by failing to do this motorists in the UK are negligent and therefore not insured in the event of skidding on the ice and having an accident?

If a cyclist rides on the pavement they are liable to a £500.00 fine. So what’s the fine for driving a car on an icy road without snow tyres? Nothing?

There were more than 11 cyclist deaths in London in 2009. In 2005, 20 cyclists were killed and 338 injured on London’s roads. In 2006, 18 were killed and 349 injured and 2007 14 died and 253 were injured.

Si “Cool” Rhode-Khil will be writing regularly on cycling for PlanA on the Spectacle Blog.