Public inquiry into proposed Northern Line Extension to Nine Elms and Battersea

Transport for London (TFL) is proposing to extend the Northern line (Charing Cross branch) to Battersea, via a new station at Nine Elms, as part of wider plans to regenerate the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea area.

If you’re interested in this, view the provisional outline programme for public inquiry, which is running the next four weeks.

This Northern line extension (NLE) forms part of wider plans to regenerate the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea area.


Following public consultations in 2010 and 2011, the Council’s Cabinet approved a recommendation to support this preferred route (January 2012 Cabinet Report). However, in response to community concerns, TfL was asked to do some further design work and analysis, particularly around the locations of the shaft.

TfL has now produced an update leaflet on the consultation and work so far. Further consultation is proposed over the coming months. You can find out more or sign up for regular updates at the TfL Northern line extension page.

The extension of the Northern line is part of wider plans to improve public transport in the area to respond to levels of development expected in Vauxhall and Nine Elms. Additional public transport is needed to support this new development and to benefit existing residents and businesses.

Less pressure on Vauxhall station and relief to the existing Northern line south of Kennington. The extension is a partially privately funded project by the site developers, SP Setia and palm oil conglomerate Sime Darby, with contributions from other sources such as the proposed new US Embassy. Subject to permission from the Secretary of State for Transport to build and operate the extension and the required funding being in place, construction could begin in 2015, and the extension could be open by 2020.Battersea will be the new southern terminus, with a new station at Nine Elms on Wandsworth Road. Both new stations will be in Travelcard Zone 2.

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Battersea Power Station Community Group refute owners claims of local support

In a press release issued today the Battersea Power Station Community Group challenge the Power Station owners, REO/Treasury Holdings, claims of local support following consultation.

Be sure to register your views to Wandsworth Council before the February 1st deadline.

BPS Development Model

press release:

Re: Consultation

REO/ Treasury are claiming that 82% of people who responded to their latest consultation approve of the plans unveiled at the public exhibition on 3 days in December 3rd to 5th 2009

We feel that there should be better statistics behind this bald statement. The survey was self selecting through a simple questionnaire which literally asked to agree disagree or be unsure. There is no attempt to put the result in context of numbers of people responding.

On the 2 occasions we were at the exhibition there were few people attending. No notices to guide people to the exhibition and, apparently, inexperienced staff explaining the content of the models.

We fail to understand the purpose of this other than as PR during the period leading to the planning application when comments should be received at Wandsworth Council by February 1st 2010.

There is nothing on the exhibition to say that controversial plans to demolish the Grade II listed Water Pumping Station are applied for and that the demolition of the chimneys and rebuilding are proposed. I do know that the online petition on the subject of demolition of the iconic chimneys received over 600 votes to repair the chimney without demolition (PM web petition)

The questionnaire also asks the simple question to agree, disagree or not know if a tube line and station is supported.

Again, we know that the Minister for Transport Sadiq Kahn called the idea “humbug” and that there are no plans for the Government to financially support the tube line and that the Mayor of London has his own problems with a £5 billion deficit in the GLA transport budget so no money from there either.

See also YouTube “Battersea Power Station new plans” for the view of the exhibition and model

Contact Brian Barnes Chairman of Battersea Power Station Community Group

0207 627 5821

If you would like to object to these plans you have until January 31st 2010 click here for more details.

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Eco-Town Con

Whitehill-Bordon has been designated an eco-town, where it is proposed to double the size of the existing town of 15,000.  There is strong popular opposition to what people see as a con trick to sell off MoD land and build lots of houses.  The result will be the opposite of eco: more carbon, more traffic, a job famine, thousands of trees felled, farm and other green land bulldozed and no real eco benefit, just an urbanised country town that fails all the original government criteria and has only been approved because the local Council supports it.  But the Council’s pre-determined ideas are being steamrollered through a combination of misleading propaganda, scaremongering, tame consultants, rigged consultation and, now political thuggery, with dissenting local councillors being replaced by local party members from distant wards.  The pattern is no doubt being repeated elsewhere in the country.

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Read what Friends of the Earth have to say at:

The Local Government Association says:

“These developments could become the eco-slums of the future”