Who are Battersea Power Station co-owners Sime Darby?

Producing palm oil is already a bad thing on its own (see our previous blog ), but Malaysia-based multinational conglomerate Sime Darby (a.k.a co-owner of the Battersea Power Station) also violates numerous contracts and even acts in an illegal way, … Continue reading

Should We Trust Sime Darby with Battersea Power Station?

According to a recent Friends of the Earth report Sime Darby has carried out illegal logging in the rain forests of Borneo and Sumatra, and has taken farm land and forrests used by local communities in Liberia. This film asks if we should trust such a company with the redevelopment of one of Britain’s most famous and Iconic buildings: the Battersea Power Station. Continue reading

Battersea Bulletin 28 – FoE claim Sime Darby, Malaysian co-owner of Battersea Power Station, involved in illegal logging

 Sime Darby, a member of the Malaysian consortium which recently took over Battersea Power Station, has been involved in illegal logging in the rain forests of Malaysia and Indonesia, according to a 2010 report by Friends of the Earth, ” … Continue reading

Sime Darby Behind Land Grab and Deforestation in Liberia

Friends of the Earth in collaboration with Basta! and Les Amis de le Terre, has released a report investigating the Malaysian multinational conglomerate Sime Darby’s projects currently underway in Liberia, establishing oil palm plantations in order to meet the demands … Continue reading

Palm oil biofuel is endangering the homes of Orangutans

Sime Darby threatens Battersea Power Station, rainforest, Orangutans and the environment. Continue reading

Battersea Power Station – Sale agreed but not signed

New owners of Battersea Power Station, Sime Darby and SP Setia, have already decided to adopt a previously failed plan, have hinted at only a possible preservation of the Power Station, spent £400 million, and they haven’t even signed the contract yet. Continue reading

De-Risky Business – Battersea Power Station £1.6bn sale?

De-Risky Business. What is really going on at Battersea Power Station? Developers HOPE to sell to 2 Malaysian investors for £1.6 Billion. Continue reading

Battersea Power Station – what is the future?

Our film Battersea Power Station: Selling an Icon, has recently been screened at Goldsmiths University, in Leiden as part of the LISFE Architecture Week, and at the 3rd International Congress on Industrial Heritage in Lisbon. These screenings have generated further … Continue reading

Love me! Help me! – can art save Battersea Power Station?

A mural artist Brian Barnes has used Battersea Power Station in his artwork for years to represent Battersea and to support Battersea Power Station Community Group’s campaign to save the iconic building. Continue reading

A brief update on Battersea Power Station and the Nine Elms development

As construction work progresses on the Battersea Power Station site, the Battersea Power Station Development Company’s (BPSDC) ambitious plans for the project appear to be moving rapidly forwards too; last week it was revealed that the company have made an … Continue reading